Modern TRACER GAMEZONE Radian Headset is a perfect proposition for people starting their adventure with the virtual world. This gaming model offers high quality sound at an affordable price. Lightweight design, soft earcups and a rotating microphone will meet all the gaming needs of novice players. The device belongs to the popular Gamezone line, created especially for gamers who value the combination of the highest quality and advanced features of gaming devices.• Stylish design and excellent sound.• 40 mm transducers.• RGB LED “flow” backlight.• Rotating microphone.• Volume control on the earcup.Exceptional comfort and styleComfortable and weighing only 215 g, the design with a padded headband allows for hours of play without any discomfort. Thanks to the use of soft cushions made of eco leather, the earcups do not put pressure on your ears, significantly increasing the comfort of their use. The illuminated logotype in the RGB LED “flow” technology on the earcups makes the Tracer GAMEZONE Radian headset fit perfectly into the gaming style.Total focus on the gameSoft and comfortable earcups trimmed with high quality eco leather effectively cancel sounds from the environment. Forget about distracting sounds from your environment and focus on the game or enjoy the sounds of the music.High level communicationThe headset is equipped with a rotating microphone, which you can adjust to your needs. It features background noise reduction technology, which makes your voice clean and clear. Enjoy crystal clear communication with your teammates.Strong bass and clear sound with 40 mm transducersThe Tracer GAMEZONE Radian headset earcups contain powerful 40 mm diameter transducers. The use of high quality transducers ensures clear sound and a wealth of high and medium tones, as well as deep and strong bass. Enjoy every sound and hear even the slightest murmur of the enemy.High compatibilityThe Tracer headset is equipped with the popular 3.5mm mini-jack connector for added versatility. Gamers using PC platforms and other devices equipped with this socket will be able to freely enjoy the full capabilities of the headset.KUP: Gaming headset TRACER GAMEZONE Radian RGB FLOWSensitivity: 115dB ±3dBWire length: 2,2Number of channels: StereoImpedance (Ohm): 32Microphone: YesTransfer band (Hz – kHz): 20 – 20Microphone transfer band (in Hz – kHz): 30 – 16Volume control: YesPhone size: 40mmPlug: 2 x minijack + USBBacklight: RGBType of the headset: Supra-auralAudio device type: 2.0