<p>APPKVMUSB4PA2 is a switch of compact design that allows you to access four computers with one keyboard, mouse and monitor. Allows selection of the computer via a button or a key command. Cables included in the packaging.</p><p>Specifications<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Compact Switch that allows you to access 4 PCs with one USB keyboard and mouse and monitor using command button or key<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Plug and play<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Includes cables<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With LED indicators of selected computer<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Supports monitors SVGA, VGA and Multi-sync with resolution up to 2048×1536 pixels<br><br>System Requirements<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 1 free USB 2.0 port<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; VGA Monitor<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; USB Keyboard and mouse<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 4 PC<br><br>Warranty<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 2 years<br><br>Connections and Interfaces<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 3 USB ports for keyboard and mouse.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jack Input 3.5mm microphone and audio<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 4 outputs VGA and 1 VGA<br><br></p>