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<p>The FX700 power supply is the best ally for your Pc Gaming. Its power will provide all the necessary energy to your equipment and ensure that performance is always optimal.<br>Its voltages are pure continuous signals, noise-free and with minimum ripple. Its protection system keeps your computer safe from the electrical grid disturbances.<br>Extremely energy efficient thanks to its Active PFC with which it achieves 85% efficiency.<br>With the power of Keep-Out, feed your computer and eat your enemy!<br><br><br>Specifications:<br><br>Power: 700W- ATX V2.31<br>Efficient with Standard 85 Plus<br>Active power broker (APFC)<br>Ultra-quiet 140 mm fan and 14dB<br><br><br>1,2m certified cable<br>Standard ErP / EuP for consumption in off mode<br>under 1W<br>10 protection systems, UVP, OVP, OCP, OTP, OPP<br>PLP, SCP, NLO PFP, TCP<br>Exclusive design<br><br><br>COLOR: BLACK-GREEN<br>MATERIAL: PLASTIC ABS<br><br>Η ΣΥΣΚΕΥΑΣΙΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ BULK<br></p>Connectors: 6 x SATA Power / 2 x PCI-E (6 + 2 PIN) / 1 x 4 + 4 PIN 12V / 3 x MOLEX / 1 x ATX 20 + 4