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NG ON-LINE UPS 1000VA, PF 0.98

High frequency and true double-conversionDSP digital control technologyInput power factor correction (PFC)Wide input voltage rangeOutput power factor 0.9 (optional)Cold startAuto sensing frequencyECO mode operation for energy savingSelectable output voltage via LCDOutput bypass settable for 1,2,3 kVA via LCD50 Hz / 60 Hz frequency conversion mode available on 6 ~ 10 kVA6 ~ 10 kVA built in output isolation transformerSelectable battery low voltage via LCDPower-on self testAdvanced battery management (ABM)Short circuit and overload protectionAutomatic charging battery at UPS OFF modeFan speed auto control when loads variesStandard RS232 communication port and RJ45 protectionOptional USB/SNMP communication portOptional emergency power off (EPO)Optional extension battery bankOptional manual bypass on 6 ~ 10 kVAOptional N+X redundancy parallel on 6 ~ 10 kVAΕγγύηση : 12 μήνες η μπαταρία, 2 χρόνια τα μηχανικά.