Wired monitor headphones HAVIT HV-H2178d position a stereo headset of high quality sound. They have a stylish, original design. The gadget is sold with an adjustable rim and headphones. Easy and convenient to use.The design of the headset is designed by designers to the smallest detail. All the features of use are taken into account, thanks to this, it never creates discomfort and does not squeeze the head at the moment of listening.The minimum playback frequency is 20 Hz. The maximum playback frequency is 20,000 Hz. The sensitivity of the headphones is 110 dB. The device uses a popular high-frequency mini jack connector with a 3.5 mm straight configuration. Equipped with a flat cable, which allows it not to get tangled. The cable length is 1.2 meters, making it easy to use and convenient to move in them. The answer button with the microphone is on the cable. Such a constructive solution allows you to listen to music from a smartphone or tablet and answer the calls. Soft ear cushions from kozhzama, make listening more comfortable.Headphones function perfectly when used in Internet games, listening to music.Features:* Speaker diameter: 40 mm* Resistance: 32 Ohm* Sensitivity: 110 dB ± 3 dB* Frequency range: 20 Hz-20 kHz* Cable length: 4ft+-10%* Plug: 3.5 mm